Fabric Roady?

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm not very familiar with the Roady, although I've always admired it. I know that it came out in coated fabric, as well as a thick canvas, but that's about it. Could someone tell me what fabric this is, and if you have it/felt it, if it's rough against the arm? Would it be much lighter on the shoulder than the coated canvas?


    Thank you so much in advance!
  2. Bump? I'd appreciate any help! I'm still wanting a fabric Roady
  3. I'm not sure exactly what fabric that is.

    Hopefully someone can help you. I only have it in Ostrich (which is pretty lightweight).

  4. Thank you!

    I think I've only ever seen it in stores in leather and I think patent... I think I've only seen fabric online. I guess they're not very popular in fabric?
  5. Yes I'm guessing it's not popular. The only time I saw where there's some cloth was on a muse 2 that had some ostrich and crocodile.

    Are you looking on the resell market?

    There's a couple of ostrich roady's on ebay. The one in regular leathers go for cheap also.
  6. Yes, I'm looking online... I don't know why I've been obsessing about a fabric one, for Springtime especially.