Fabric Protector on Mini Lin???

  1. Has any of you sprayed your mini lin with a fabric protector? I know it comes pre treated already, but I was just curious what the results were if you did spray it with something....esp the lighter color mini lins (croisette, beige).
  2. it comes pre treated already
  3. yah, i know...i was just wondering if anyone has tried spraying it with a fabric protector and what the outcome was;)
  4. i haven't tried yet on my mini lin - i'm just very very very careful with where i place my bag LOL :smile:
  5. It's definitely not necessary...even if you do, it wouldn't help that much (for ebene at least) it may help the dune colour stay cleaner, though.
  6. ya, i agree ^^. better not risk it. just take good care of it! hehehe...