fabric Paddington... your thoughts?

  1. AlohaRag is showing a cotton Paddington with leather trim. At $1025 it is not a whole lot cheaper than an all leather one. You can't see it well in these pics, but the sides of the bag are leather.

    What are your thoughts on this design/pattern?


    Sorry if this has already been posted, but I didn't see it anywhere.
  2. I think its Fugly!!!!
  3. I've seen it in person. They had one at one of the Nordstroms I visited during the sale. They're not quite as ugly as they appear on the website, but they really don't suit my taste. My friend that was with me, however, really liked it, but she does wear a lot of tweeds and other fabrics like that, so it would go better with her style.

    Personally, I'd rather stick to my leather ones. ;)
  4. :push: I don't like it!!!
  5. I agree with with bedhead... not as bad in person but not worth the $$. So many better choices out there
  6. I love it... Personally, I love it when they release my favourite purses in different leathers, colours, and fabrics.
  7. oh no. Not for the cost, at any rate. Maybe I would pay $450.00 tops for the paddy in a tweed? And that would only be a "maybe".
  8. Not sure about this one, bet it's lighter though.
  9. :tdown:I DON'T LIKE THEM! they seems old
  10. I think they are kind of fun great with light jeans but I wouldn't buy it, too expensive .
  11. Don't like the picture- hopefully IRL it does look better
  12. Not for me I am afraid - for the price I would go for the yummy leather!;)
  13. If I could afford to have this and other variations of the Paddy (including the metallics, patent leather, etc.) I would go for it AND get boots or shoes to go with the tweed, plus gloves and a belt! I like some tweed patterns myself and I've heard that this year's fall/winter trends include more texture - shearling, tweed, suede, etc!
  14. I do not like them:sad: I would go for the normal leather paddy any time...but perhaps with the right accessories, shoes ect. they could look great:confused1:
  15. don't really like it and wouldn't pay that much for non-leather...