fabric of vintage gucci

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  1. I purchased a vintage gucci monogram purse today at a great boutique in L.A., selling 1st and 2nd hand clothes. I have three gucci monogram purses and 1 wallet that I purchased from gucci stores, and I noticed immediately that the vintage one I bought today has a different fabric. It seems to be more shiny and not quite the same canvas fabric that I'm familar with. My friend who I think of as a fashion guru, told me that she defintely thought it was real and that vintage gucci has a different fabric than newer gucci purses. Is this right? I LOVED the purse, but am worried that I bought a fake. Does anyone know if the monogram fabric has changed over the years? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Post pics in AUTHENTICATE THIS ..so we can look and see if we can help ya!