Fabric Classic Flap Bag

Mar 5, 2012
A friend of mine sells her black&white "Classic Tweed Double Flap". It is in good condition and from 2005. Does anyone know how much it was when it was new and is fabric worth the money?


Chanel Cat?
Aug 27, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A leather restorer, whom is a also a good friend of mine always remind me to stay away from fabric especially tweed since they fray easily, not to mention if you get anything on them you can't just wipe it off... He always say its good to stick to leather since they are more durable, long lasting and is more valued, highly so with Chanels...
Leather restoration is also always possible if you have issues which is great since you would always expect wear with time... :smile:
Value wise... I'm not too sure since I don't have any tweeds... sorry bout that :P
Hope that helps!