Fabric Chanel?

  1. I was in Chanel at Selfridges yesterday and the SA was keen to show me the wool reissues and flap. I thought the colours were wonderful but I confess I just don't get non-leather bags - what do others think?
  2. I also like leather better just because it makes the bag more practical, but I kinda like the new wool line with the fringe that is coming out.
  3. i don't like non-leather bags either. i see no point in paying over $1000 for a bag that is fabric. leather just seems more durable and a better value to me.
  4. Guess I’m “Un- Peta Politically Correct” - NO non-leather bags for me.
  5. I really like the tweed flaps because they are so detailed and intricate. So I think those bags are worth the money. Plus they are just so beautiful, I wish I had one but I never see tweed flaps in the boutiques.