fabric bag...

  1. I really want a fabric handbag either the mini lin or a gucci fabric bag.....wondering which would be more durable and look better longer...I have a few mono canvas bags and love them but, want a softer look...anyone own both? any thoughts....
  2. *Waves* Hi AnnaBeth! The Mini Lin is a gorgeous linen fabric bag. Unless you want to wait till November for the new cruise line.
  3. hmmmmm....LV or Gucci?? The mono lin line like you said is a nice set if you are looking for the fabric feel. Definitelly a more subtle look, very classy....go with the lin !!!
  4. why not antigua?
    GUCCI??!!! no gucci talking here on the brown side lol ;)
  5. I like Mini lin!!! I say wait until the cruise collection come out!
  6. ITA! Ha ha! Ok seriously, pleeeease get the mini lin! I love mine and it is very durable. It has a soft and classic look about it, you will love it!
  7. Mini Lin! I don't own either, but I'm really not a fan of Gucci fabric bags, they always look like cheap fakes to me (sorry everyone who owns them, don't hurt me). I love Mini Lin tho!
  8. yes yes :yahoo: the cruise 08 is TDF !!
  9. The mini lin is really nice.. It has a textured look to it, and for some reason has a very slight sheen under direct bright light. In my opinion, it looks higher quality and a lot prettier than Gucci's fabric.
  10. mini lin is pretty
  11. I love mini lin, but what do you think about black denim? The black cabby looks like it's gonna be TDF!!!
  12. I say Mini Lin too! :biggrin:
  13. I have both a Mini Lin Speedy and 3 fabric Gucci's. I have not had any of them for that long so I do not know how they hold up over a long period of time. The Mini Lin is a little softer fabric (different material).

    I know I have read that Gucci fabric is known to wear out and tear after a while. I know Gucci only stands behind their fabric bags for one year.

    One thing about Gucci fabric is you get a lot more choices of styles. There are not many styles in Mini Lin.

    I know my Mini Lin is easier to keep clean but then again it is a lot darker color so I am sure that helps.
    I am not 100% sure about this BUT I think the Mini Lin has some kind of protective coating to make it easier to clean where the Gucci does not. But you could always spray it with something.
  14. ^^ Yes, the mini lin is coated. I also find that it is easy to clean and dries well after getting wet from rain. It also seems very durable to me. Mine has held up very well for a throw-around bag.

    Also mini lin comes in a dune color with white leather, and I think that's a direct rival for the Gucci bag in beige with white leather! But mini lin still looks prettier, IMHO.
  15. thanks everyone...

    beljwl since you own both which do you like better?

    twigger the cruise line of 08 sounds interesting especially if they will offer more mini lin colours...

    Hi pinki waves!!!

    jellybebe...the neo cabby is gorgeous but, a tad pricey...do want to see more pics of that collection...