Fab or Faux?

  1. Read this at AOL today.
    Just wanted to share it with you.
    as I have read alot of guestions here before about buying knock-offs.


    The media should write more about this issue
    to inform all those ignorant buyers of faux products
    about the affected people and the effects it causes to our society.
  2. Overall, it's a good article except the table comparing the fake LV Globe Shopper with the real one had one misleading detail. It said that the real bag came with an authenticity card and the fake one didn't. This could confuse some potential Ebay buyers into believing that those yellow cards you see with fake bags are legit.
  3. I see what you mean... and it really could!:wtf:
    I guess the writter isn't an LV buyer either...:P
    I still hope that the people I know who buy and sell faux luxury items read it...
    dont know if it will make much difference in what they think...
    Maybe if the media would be more graphic with this...
    like show some forms of child labor or point out more about the funding of terrorism?:shrugs: