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  1. well, after school, i went to Neiman Marcus and chanel... and gucci.... and lv....and hermes.... and Saks.... anyway...... i kinda got carried away!:yahoo: (bad for my dear old dad:graucho: ) i bought a chanel tote.... another one! a ellipse.... a popincourt, a speedy 25 a gucci key holder thingy and a hermes twilly scarf.... okay, okay, i got REALLY carried away.... he, he ,he :nuts: .

    cant post pics though:sad: , cause i dont have a camera (not even on my phone either, and nobody i know has a camera, so...) its kinda funny how i save for a 3,000 dollar bag and cant save up for a freakin digital camera!!!:roflmfao: :graucho: :rolleyes:
  2. Try to take pics bum a camera off of a neighbor? I want to seee your stash hee hee
  3. laughing about what you said about you can't save for a camera! Wow, you are so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrata on getting all of them!!!!!!
  4. Couldn't you ask a neighbor to let you borrow a camera really fast!
  5. i would sure love to see them
  6. trust me, its more trouble than its worth.... my neighbors ALL OF THEM UP AND DOWN, AROUND are old, grumpy, think im a spoiled brat.... and dont like technoloy at all.... actually, they still type on typewrites (no, im not kidding, all of them do!) they play records, they have those old 50's phones......
  7. lol You have got to get a camera to share all of your new babies with us!!!
  8. i know.... oh when the time.... i need to save up for a sidekick too!
  9. go buy a disposable camera and get the digital disc done!!!
  10. i take pics with my webcam...only 20$
  11. Decent cameras are very affordable nowadays :yes:
  12. lmao! U saved u for all those bags? haha must have taken a long time! Don't qorry ppl think im spoiled all the time cuz I get w.e I want, it's ok as long as u deserve it. My parents feel I deserve it for various reasons, marks among some so I do the same thing 2-4 times a year, going on sprees like that :yes:. haha, but I never save up so if u did good on ya. Let's c!
  13. big haul for one day. you'll have to get a digi throw away and snap some pics for us!!! Congrats
  14. i want proof!
  15. :whistle:
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