Fab LV Party & goodies too.(Sorry LONG post)

Hi all,

Wanted to tell you about the Fab LV party I went to last night.

The food was great they had some shot glasses filled with a cold soup (nicer than it sounds honestly), some HUGE KING Prawns, Carpaccio and frois gras plus many more that I can't remember.

The champagne (Moet of course) was (very) free flowing.:drinkup:

I was slightly disappointed in the bags that showed up for the party I expected to see lots of Limited Edtion discontinued bags & lots of leopard etc, there where NO bags like this at all (except mine).
I took my Yellow Epi Cannes and everybody could not take their eyes off it, :blush: I'd turn around and there'd be groups of women staring at my bag (hahaha). I guess it kinda helps that behind the cash desk there is a great big ad campaign poster showing the Yellow Epi Cannes.

Anyway on to the Goodies, there where so many things I wanted but they didn't have them in stock (i.e Gold Discoball charm (had silver) Carnet de Bal MC notebook, astropill & others) I just missed out on a Pastilles cellphone charm.:cry:

My BF was looking for a smallish waist/messenger style bag and after trying on a number of different types he got the Damier Olav PM it is HOT, so roomy. He also got a gorgeous black tie that has the damier & monogram pattern on it, it really is stunning (post pics when we can) last one in the store too!!

Then it was my turn....as usual I was spoilt (I admit it) I got the Black Shawl with the mongoram pattern (back on black) and a Damier Azur Cles (FAB).
The mirroir bags had not arrived yet, but I checked my status on the list and I am in the Grey section (this is all the clients who will definately get one :yahoo: ) so now I am waiting on a phonecall for my silver speedy, gold speedy and gold pochette. could come any time between now & the 15th of this month.

There was a little drama ........there where some ladies looking at 4 bags (mono speedy, MC Speedy, MC Noe, mono recital) and they spilt a glass of Champagne ALL over them (seriously they where dripping wet) OMG I am so happy that wasn't me.

Also good news, my BF (he's such a sweetie:love: ) bought me a Snowglobe only just paid for it so haven't got my hands on it yet but I can't wait :yahoo:


Addicted to Tiffany's
Apr 24, 2006

LOL Isn't being spoiled fun?!?!

I would have DIED if I spilled something on the LV bags!!!


Aug 22, 2006
sounds like you had a great time!

I love those damier ties. My BF has the brown and just got the blue one last week --yet he hasn't worn it yet! So many ties! I think I saw Dr.Phil wearing the same tie your BF got on his show today.

Anyways, I'm glad you and the BF had a great time! Congratz on the snowglobe and other purchases!;)
Nov 18, 2006
sounds like a great time ! i really wanna know what happened to the ladies too haha ...what an awful situation for them :sweatdrop: !


Nov 22, 2006
Great! Sounds very good.

I am going to the LV party next week. I hope it will be as fad as yours.


(¯`·_I love LV_.·´¯)
Apr 16, 2006
Glad you enjoyed yourself! Yea, what did the staff do when the ladies spilled their drinks on the bags! Crazy!:Push: