Fab LV Party & goodies too.(Sorry LONG post)

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  1. Hi all,

    Wanted to tell you about the Fab LV party I went to last night.

    The food was great they had some shot glasses filled with a cold soup (nicer than it sounds honestly), some HUGE KING Prawns, Carpaccio and frois gras plus many more that I can't remember.

    The champagne (Moet of course) was (very) free flowing.:drinkup:

    I was slightly disappointed in the bags that showed up for the party I expected to see lots of Limited Edtion discontinued bags & lots of leopard etc, there where NO bags like this at all (except mine).
    I took my Yellow Epi Cannes and everybody could not take their eyes off it, :blush: I'd turn around and there'd be groups of women staring at my bag (hahaha). I guess it kinda helps that behind the cash desk there is a great big ad campaign poster showing the Yellow Epi Cannes.

    Anyway on to the Goodies, there where so many things I wanted but they didn't have them in stock (i.e Gold Discoball charm (had silver) Carnet de Bal MC notebook, astropill & others) I just missed out on a Pastilles cellphone charm.:cry:

    My BF was looking for a smallish waist/messenger style bag and after trying on a number of different types he got the Damier Olav PM it is HOT, so roomy. He also got a gorgeous black tie that has the damier & monogram pattern on it, it really is stunning (post pics when we can) last one in the store too!!

    Then it was my turn....as usual I was spoilt (I admit it) I got the Black Shawl with the mongoram pattern (back on black) and a Damier Azur Cles (FAB).
    The mirroir bags had not arrived yet, but I checked my status on the list and I am in the Grey section (this is all the clients who will definately get one :yahoo: ) so now I am waiting on a phonecall for my silver speedy, gold speedy and gold pochette. could come any time between now & the 15th of this month.

    There was a little drama ........there where some ladies looking at 4 bags (mono speedy, MC Speedy, MC Noe, mono recital) and they spilt a glass of Champagne ALL over them (seriously they where dripping wet) OMG I am so happy that wasn't me.

    Also good news, my BF (he's such a sweetie:love: ) bought me a Snowglobe only just paid for it so haven't got my hands on it yet but I can't wait :yahoo:
  2. Congrats!!

    LOL Isn't being spoiled fun?!?!

    I would have DIED if I spilled something on the LV bags!!!
  3. What was the staff's reaction to the spill?
  4. sounds like you had a great time!

    I love those damier ties. My BF has the brown and just got the blue one last week --yet he hasn't worn it yet! So many ties! I think I saw Dr.Phil wearing the same tie your BF got on his show today.

    Anyways, I'm glad you and the BF had a great time! Congratz on the snowglobe and other purchases!;)
  5. congrats! sounds like you had a fab time!!!!

    I wonder if those ladies had to pay for the bags..
  6. sounds like a great time ! i really wanna know what happened to the ladies too haha ...what an awful situation for them :sweatdrop: !
  7. Congrats, sounds like fun! :smile:
  8. Great! Sounds very good.

    I am going to the LV party next week. I hope it will be as fad as yours.
  9. Sounds like you had a great time. Can't wait to see pics of all the goodies!!!
  10. Glad you enjoyed yourself! Yea, what did the staff do when the ladies spilled their drinks on the bags! Crazy!:Push:
  11. Also want to know what happened to the ladies that split champagne onto the bags
  12. Thanks for sharing! Glad you had fun!:flowers:
  13. congrats! nice story
  14. Thanks for the descriptions. Sounds fabulous.
  15. sounds like you had a great time! congrats on the new purchases!