Fab Chloe shoes at sale price at Yoox

  1. Chloe' - Footwear - High-heeled sandals Chloe' on YOOX

    Catcat recently got a pair of these gorgeous shoes, and it reminded us how great they look, so the above link has some at an amazing price :yes:

    Good luck lovelies

    The discount link pp@yoox was also offering 5% further discount AND free shipping so hopefully that may well be still valid too :yahoo:
  2. Wow! Thanks for the heads up. They are gorgeous. But I think that I would break my neck wearing them! But they sure are pretty.....:yes:
  3. I just placed an order for the choc!!! :yahoo:

    That code gives 5% off and also free shipping!!! :yes:
  4. Really? :sweatdrop: I thought as much. I might topple over with each step...
  5. oh lean, it gave you free shipping to Oz!! thats fab, its a no brainer then.

    well done!! think you got a great deal there :biggrin:

  6. I bet you will be fine. And they are gorgeous!!! I am just not all that coordinated!!! LOL. I am pretty much a clutz. You got a great deal!! Way to go. ;)
  7. Yep, thanks to you! :yahoo: Saved myself an extra 32Euro! Was kinda hoping that the prices on the site included VAT so I would have saved more! :rolleyes: Hehee... I'm happy!
  8. Umm... not really. LOL. I don't wear heels that often. :shame: We'll see. They were too good to pass up. :nuts:

  9. I just quoted what I said in "my thread". But really I am very happy for you, just having a little pity party!
    Should see the bright side still got a good deal even if it wasn't great, but it spoils the fun a bit.:s
  10. ahh sorry catcat :shame: , it certainly wasnt my intention to make you feel bad about what you had paid (I didnt know how much you got yours for), you just had so many great comments about them that I thought I should post the link :yes:

  11. No problemo, this does happen all the time:s . I just wish I had known about this earlier.:p
    Every time I see the deals on NM etc...I am turning:sick: . But hopefully one day I will walk into a consignment store and find a mint black city with pewter hardware for let's say 300 euros........:girlsigh: :girlsigh: :girlsigh:
    Can't give up hope!
  12. hee hee, if I ever see a black city for that price, its yours lol :biggrin:
  13. Those are great shoes. I have a pair and they aren't that hard to walk in. The only problem is the back strap constantly falls down. The leather is super soft and stretches so I would recommend sizing down to avoid that problem.

    Great price too. I bought them a long time ago at almost retail. I hate when that happens.

  14. deal!

    bagsform I got the impression they strech that might be a problem, my toes will walk on the pavement then...but smaller would have been too small.

    But who cares, I think these are shoes to walk to the car, to stand at the bar with a nice glass of Chablis or Champagne and to walk to your seat in a restaurant ...:p
  15. I'm so happy you finally had some luck with shipping to Australia - those shoes are hot, too!:drool: I actually like a lot of the styles they have right now...wish I had some $ left.:crybaby: