Fa la la, la la, la la la la!! Heeheehee :0)

  1. I've been at it again today heehee:sweatdrop:! Remember my fall 07' patchwork carly? Well it just sat in my closet never used, suppose it just wasnt for me. So my super wonderful SA said go ahead and bring it in(no tags, receipt, nothing!) and exchange it for something that I like:nuts: Soooo.........I exchanged my med. carly $398 and got the LARGE red Carly, ocelot ponytail scart and my beloved penguin charm for ........Drum roll please.............$34 out of pocket!!!!:yahoo:All for just the exchange of one bag!!
    Omg! I love the smell of brand new Coach leather!:drool:
    Ebay Pics 628.jpg Ebay Pics 629.jpg Ebay Pics 630.jpg
  2. WOW!! Congrats! I don't know how many of the chili bags are left, my store is out and has been for awhile. I think that is more you and you will enjoy that bag a lot more than the patchwork.
  3. Its beautiful!!! Lucky girl!!!!!!

  4. WOW Kimmie!!! She's gorgeous....and the ponytail scarf looks smashing!
  5. Wow congrats Kimmie! I love that ponytail scarf, and the red is TDF!
  6. OH MY GAWD!!!! That bag is suuuuper sexy!!!!!:drool: Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Kimmie, you naughty little thing, you!! Wow!! :devil: Merry December to you!! Great bag!! I love it!!
  8. I'm not a big fan of patchwork, so I must say that I LOVE this bag! Only... 20 more days 'til I can FINALLY open my Carly!!! :smile:
  9. Yeah!!!! :yahoo: Glad you got something you love!!! It looks great, and I love the charm.. now don't let that get too close to the flame of that candle!!! :wtf: :roflmfao:
  10. Wow, now go out and buy a lottery ticket...you are one lucky girl!
  11. :nuts: Beautiful bag, and only $34 out-of-pocket is amazing! You are such a bad influence!

  12. What a beautiful holiday combo--bright red and cute penguin! Fun! I almost bought the ocelot scarf myself, but ended up with the tattersall instead--but the scarf looks yummy on that red Carly!
  13. Ive been smelling my bleecker mini skinny since I got it this past weekend. LOL Coach leather smells so wonderful its addictive. LMAO!!!! Congrats on such great purchases.
  14. Thanks all! Im really stoked! LOL, the candel! I saw that after I posted the pic. It wasnt actually that close, but it sure as heck looked like it!:lol:
  15. congrat's on the new bag :smile: the red is stunning.