F1! F1! Fashion doesn't inspire me anymore!!!

  1. ... I don't think fashion inspires me anymore. I used to enjoy planning my outfit the night before, dressing up in the morning, going shopping...! But in the past few months I seem to have got myself in a routine of wearing the same clothes all the time.

    Thing is, I do have really nice clothes, but I always find an excuse to wear the same old outfit: dark smart pants and a v-neck sweater in a solid color (I have like one in every color of the rainbow) for the office and jeans & top after hours... whilst my beautiful clothes stay in the closet!

    Today I was checking out photos of outfits worn by TPF posters and saw how fabulous all of you are... I got a little jealous!!!! Now I am like terribly scared I might be becoming one of those women that choose confort over style... sigh. Am I the only one with this problem? what's the solution? do you think I should force myself to wear trendy things??

    Tanks for your comments :idea:
  2. i get stuck in ruts over the summer because i hate summer clothes.
    go to a department store, book an apointment with a personal shopper and try loads on. they have a fresh impartial view of what you wear and will be ably to give great advice on what suits you.