F06 Day/Hobo Bags...Truffle and Grenat

  1. My dinner dates for this evening pushed our time back a bit...so...I got in my car and rushed to FedEx to pick up my grenat day/hobo bag... :yes:

    Received a truffle brown day/hobo earlier in the day...love my truffle brown city, but the day is not quite me... :huh:

    I thought it was the style...but...I ripped into my Barneys box while in the FedEx parking lot...OM!....I LOVE the grenat day... :love: Love the color, leather...

    So, seasonal "damage" to date includes the fire-engine-red twiggy, truffle city, and grenat day... :shame:
    Truffle B-Bag Hobo.jpg Grenat B-Bag Hobo 001.jpg
  2. "Seasonal" friends...
    F06 Truffle B-Bag 002.jpg F06 Rouge Twiggy 003.jpg
  3. MMM I'm beginning to love that truffle! Congrats!
  4. Congrats! Love the grenat!
  5. socal- Have you bought a Bbag everyday this week??? LOL All of the colors are so pretty!!! I really love them all!!!
  6. ^ Well, not quite every day...the day/hobo bags were purchased on the same day...the city the week before...the twiggy the week before that... I will be going to China for work this weekend, so I will be on "forced restriction" for a couple of weeks...
  7. Love the grenat! It looks a little more reddish, a little less plummy than the bordeaux. Beautiful bag!:flowers:
  8. LOVE that grenat! SoCal, where did you find your rouge twiggy?
  9. wow, i love all of your new b-bag babies, congrats SoCal :smile:
  10. Rouge twiggy is from Bal NY. She was my "first" (this season...). :shame:
  11. Oh wow! Gorgeous! Congrats, SoCal! I am loving that rouge and the grenat color too... and the truffe city. The truffe day is nice, but I prefer the city. Actually, heck, I like them all! ;)
  12. Congrats on all the new bags! Your grenat day looks really nice. I think you'll like the style. The more I carry my day that more I like it because it's just so easy to sling over my shoulder and it fits a ton of stuff.
  13. SoCal, you need to start buying Balenciaga stocks because I think you'll become their biggest shareholder pretty soon!! :roflmfao:

    I like the grenat day... I think that's the best style I seen so far with that color.
  14. Me, too...and also prefer the truffe city to the day!
  15. Love love! Twiggy looks gorgeous in rouge. :love: