F06 B-Bags...Pre-Order or Wait?

  1. Curious as to whether you plan to pre-order a F06 bag or if you will wait to see colors/leather IRL... If you pre-order, what color?
  2. Oh my, my 1000th post is on the b-bag thread...perhaps this is a sign...
  3. If I don't find a city in the color I'm looking for, I might spring for the rouge vif and pre-order it. When are they supposed to be out?
  4. First arrivals in late June...

    From BNY...

    We are starting to take orders for the New Fall/Winter Bag collection! As
    some of you may have heard the leather will be a touch thicker like our
    bags in the past. The bags will still be as supple and light as always. The
    distressing will not be as severe.
    Please also realize that though the colors may sound the same they're not,
    except for Black and White.

    Pre-Collection: Black, White, Truffle(Mushroom), Forest Green, Oxblood,
    Fire Engine Red, Blueberry, and Cement.
    Collection: Olive Brown( Brown with a hint of green), Lite Caramel, and
    Blue/Grey(almost the color of a deep ocean).

    Ship Dates:
    Pre-Collection: arriving end of June until August.

    Collection: mid-August thru October
    Delivery Dates Can Vary
  5. Woah...This is so weird....Before I came upon this thread, I had *just* hung up the phone to place my pre-order for Grenat! :blink: :lol:

    I spoke to my SA (Joseph) at Bal NY, and he said they should be receiving them in late July/August...And the good news is that they are returning back to the old leather (it is supposed to be a bit thicker than the ones we've seen lately) due to popular demand! :biggrin:
  6. Fire engine red :nuts: Sounds beautiful. And they're supposed to go back to the old leather? Hmm, maybe I'll just pre-order and wait it out.
  7. Ah... I think I'm going to wait for spring 07. If they are returning to the old leather in the fall, surely they will continue to do so afterwards. I enjoy the spring colors much more than fall. OMG, I just got a nice thought in my head, what if they came up with another permutation of seafoam(!!). I am currently obsessed with finding that color. :shame:

  8. It's funny that Joseph accepted your pre-order today. I spoke with him yesterday and he said they would begin taking pre-orders in about two weeks. I was thinking of going with the blueberry and perhaps the grenat as well.
  9. I absolutely agree with you murasaki. I'm also going to wait for spring '07 colors ;););) .... puuhhh it's in almost a year only :sad2: !
  10. I am the opposite...I generally prefer fall colors, so that is my "dangerous" season...
  11. That is so strange...I don't know why...Actually, when I first called I didn't ask for him specifically. A lady answered my call and when I asked about the pre-order, she said yes they were taking them and then put me on hold for a few minutes until Joseph picked up...

    Agree with you, Socal. I like darker colors and these Fall ones look fantastic!
  12. 0o00oo FUN! the colours sound all so wonderful! Maybe I'll hold out until abit longer! I'd really like to get the old leather!!!
  13. oooohhh the old leather? I have a feeling next season is going to be baaaadddd......... can't wait to see them IRL! [​IMG]

    edit: Ooppss forgot to answer SoCal's question. Me personally, I think I'm going to wait to see the colors in real life or from pics from PFers, as the swatches are really dark for most of the colors and I can't really judge them. And I'd loooovveeeee to feel the leather IRL too!
  14. I think i'm going to wait - the colors i'm eyeing are rouge, blue/grey and truffle. I'm dying to see what the leather will look like:nuts:

    SoCal, are you planning to do a pre-order? What colors are you wanting?
  15. oooh.... i'm so excited!! I think I will try save up for a red work :love: