F06 B-Bags Multiplying Like Rabbits...Help!

  1. Well, I exchanged the truffe day today and came back with...
  2. Two new bags...Oh no! Please help! Tough decisions need to be made...
  3. My current F06 b-bags include a rouge twiggy and truffe city... :yes:
    F06 Rouge Twiggy 003.jpg F06 Truffle B-Bag 002.jpg
  4. I also have a F05 black city... :smile:
    Black B-Bag City.jpg
  5. Lucy.... Just kidding they are so different I say keep them both/all!
  6. lol, what are the 2 new b-bags that you got today SoCal (?) :roflmfao:
  7. Yesterday, I received the truffe and grenat day bags in the mail...love the grenat :flowers: ...returned the truffe...
    Truffle B-Bag Hobo.jpg Grenat B-Bag Hobo 001.jpg
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol: I am getting there...
  9. Well, I actually exchanged the truffe for...drum roll please...a blueberry weekender (weekender!!!) :blink: :blink: and a grenat work... :blink: :blink:
    B-Bag Weekender and Work 003.jpg B-Bag Weekender and Work 004.jpg
  10. OMG, those are absolutely GORGEOUS SoCal, you must keep them :yes:
  11. I just laughed out loud. Sorry.

  12. I am officially in love with the weekender...who knew???...she is so funky, a bit sassy, yes! :supacool:

    Now, I have a new dilemma...color...what color weekender??? :blink:

    Should I keep the blueberry or exhange for a grenat or black weekender??? :blink:

    Should I keep the grenat work??? :blink: Or wait for a grenat or rouge city??? :blink:

    Should I keep the grenat day/hobo??? :blink:

    My SA knows one will be returned and was absolutely amazing and supportive regarding my dilemma...

    DH cannot believe the size of the weekender, but says the bag is a keeper...he is partial to the blueberry or a black...he also likes the hobo a bit more than the work (the work is quite close to the city in his mind)...

    What is a girl to do??? SOS!!!
  13. Now I am laughing...but I am not sure it is a laughing matter... :blink:

    It's official...I have gone off the b-bag deep end... :yes:
  14. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. Me too - it was the way she kept us in suspense and dragged the whole thing out. I kept thinking of them multiplying.:smile:

    SoCal - you obviously have traveling in mind since you're leaving soon and all of these would be great and packable - you'll probably have to keep them all.:blink:
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