F/W Miu Miu bag

  1. i have been having a dry spell this summer... nothing really caught my eye for the past few mths since the Muse, nop, not even ths LV damier speedy... but look what i found online at NM!

    I have never bought any bags from Miu Miu, so would really appreciate your comments on this bag. I think it is quite simple and won't go out of fashion anytime soon. Anyone knows the quality of miu miu bags?

    btw, does anyone thinks it looks vaguely like the edith? esp the buckle design?
    NMV8478_mp.jpg miubag-rr1312sugherop.jpg
  2. Their shoes are really good quality.. they last forever. I think their purses are just as good :P. Cute bag.. it doesn't remind me of the edith, but more so of the prada bags i've seen for this fall, which would make sense... since miu miu is the funkier line of prada anyway.
  3. I have a few miu miu shoes and handbags and I absolutely adore them since their styles are so sweet. Their quality is also very good too - Nothing different to what they use for the average prada either - including lampo zippers etc.
  4. Very cute bag! I'm either hot or cold on MiuMiu bags, but I really like this one. I agree with others on the quality; it's top shelf. The style will be useable for years, as well, unlike many of her bags.

    BTW, congrats on your discipline. No acquisitions in the last few months? You could teach the rest of us a thing or two!
  5. I LOVE Miu Miu!! This is a GREAT bag, wow. I've always had great luck with bags and shoes - quality is fantastic and the style goes with everything I have. Enjoy!
  6. I saw that one in the store last week and loved it.
  7. i love miu miu! i have a bag from them and the leather is yummy!
  8. I've seen this bag IRL and it's incredibly beautiful. Very well-made, buttery soft and edgy.
  9. Muppy, I love it! Miu Miu's leather bags (those I felt) are very soft. Go for it!!! =)

    I don't think it looks like Edith at all.
  10. i actually found another similar bag by burberry, which is nicer?
    index.jpg NMV8478_mp.jpg
  11. I prefer the one by Miu Miu. it looks softer and i'm in a "soft bag phase" at the moment. i'm going to paris next week, and am planning to buy it then. i can't wait!!
  12. I actually purchased the bag that you reference in the first post! I purchased it in a more "distressed" leather, and it was really soft! I ended up returning it only because it has a magnetic closure and I take the Metro to work everyday and felt better about a zippered bag.

    Miu Miu is really great though! Let us know what you decide.
  13. ooh... is it big enough for documents? do you mind telling me how much it is in US dollars? It cost £435 here in London but i am making a trip to new york next month and wonder if it might cost less in the states.. thanks so much

  14. I think it looks better than the Edith!