F/W LE dilemma!

  1. I'm planning (as of now) to get 2 LE items this F/W season. One is the Mirage/Degrade Speedy. The other is the Motard Pochette.

    Right now I'm back and forth on the Motard Pochette.

    - its an LE and a gorgeous one at that!
    - given where I live, I'll be one of the very few to have one.
    - I don't carry much, so a small bag works out.

    - $1800 for a small bag
    - currently lusting for a few items that could equal the price.
    - I may regret the small size later or it doesn't fit over the shoulder.

    I'm really torn here. Don't want to cause my SA any trouble by going off and on the waitlist. How do you ladies feel about this particular bag?

    For reference my collection includes: Mono and Damier Speedy 25, MC Speedy, Mono Papillon 26, Denim Mini Pleaty, MC Trouville, and Cabas Piano.

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. I think it would be a nice addition to your collection Caley, its beautiful and I think you could get a lot of use out of it.
  3. Motard pochette looks really nice. If you are able to get a lot of use of this small bag and you will truly love it once you see IRL, then it's a good choice for you! Good luck!!
  4. anything Motard is a :nuts: for me!!! I LOVE MOTARD MOTARD MOTARD!!! LOL!
    MUST buy it Caley!!!

    Seriously now, as much as love the motard the only con (for me) is that the lining is COTTON CANVAS! Most people know how much I hate canvas....... so ya... for the money you'd think that you'd at least get alcantara inside or something

    Lambskin leather outside made like the Olympe bags (but my SA said it's more like Vernis???)
  5. I didn't know that the lining was canvas!!!!

    thanks everyone! :smile:
  6. Go get it! its a very pretty purse!
  7. Lookit, I added the motard biker to my waitlisted items (already putting aside for mirage speedy and thunder). The worst that could happen is you get it and decide it's not for you, so you return it and get a refund. If the other things you're thinking about aren't limited, you've got time to save for them.
  8. Get it Caley, it's gonna be amazing. if you don;t mind something small and besides, it IS L/E, it is def worth it :yes:

  9. Just stay on the list it's LE the other things you can get later if it doesn't go over your shoulder you know when you go to try it on then you can pass and pick up the things you wanted earlier no lose situation!
  10. restricter: you're right. if the worst case scenario happens, i can just exchange it for all the little permanent goodies.

    Label Addict: true true! this will be the first time i'm planning on purchasing LE. in my mind i feel like its an extra hassle for my SA when it comes to finding out info and waitlisting for LE. i don't want to be the return queen either lol.

    thanks everyone! :smile:
  11. stay waitlist and if the get the bag see if you really like it. You always can sell is.
  12. Yes, my best advice is to stay on that list! Wait to see it IRL and then decide, it costs nothing to stay on the list. If you were to take your name off and then decided that you loved it, you may not be able to get it as it is LE. Just wait it out and decide when you see it IRL. I did this with the Kirsten, I waitlisted, then wasn't sure and was thinking of going off the list, then saw it IRL at the trunk show and was SO happy that I did not take my name off as it is my new best friend! LOL! Plus Motard is so amazing, I am an enabler, but you NEED it for sure!
  13. Besides, all the pictures I've seen show it over the shoulder.

  14. oh really? that's great! :yahoo: btw, where can i find photos of it on the shoulder?
  15. what is the motard?