F/W Lanvin ballet flats....

  1. For anyone interested in these, my Barney's got them last wednesday and were sold out in like two days (other than one pair of size 5 or 6). Luckily a SA (Sweet Scott at the BH store also waived shipping) was able to track down a pair of these in my size and color I wanted from one of their stores. He said he was surprised he could even find them so I'd act on it quick if anyone wants them.
  2. What colors and textures are they coming in for fall? I am so behind in any fall shopping.:Push:
  3. Congratulations on finding a pair! I love mine..was lucky and got one of each color. The thing is,....I am really hard on my shoes and don't want to 'waste' them away....there is barely a sole on these shoes. I am thinking of taking them to a cobbler and have him put another sole on top of original....
    I also ordered the Alaia pair the same day, but returned those because they felt 'plasticky'....

    Love flats!!
  4. ow i love lanvin flats! what color did you get them in? i'd love to see pics :smile:
  5. congrats! i got a pair from the Barneys NYC store. I love them! but I will warn people to make sure and get the soles reinforced. I didn't and they wore down to the leather (right by the heel) after only a few weeks. granted, I wore the A LOT. but do take them in right away and get sole savers on them or something.
  6. Oh lovely! Did you get the leather, satin or patent flats? Also, do they run true to size? Post some pictures! =)
  7. if u girls don't mind me asking, how much were ur flats for???
  8. I'm obsessed with these damn things! They're available in patents, leather and satin. I"m not sure of all the colors, but I know black, tan, green, red, gold. If you're interested, you may want to put yourself on a waitlist since they sell out so fast.

    I heard that about the soles too. This gal who has several of these gets "zipsoles" which is a super thin film of rubber put on. Protects them and helps with slippage. My black pair arrived, and will be getting some red patents (hopefully to ship on monday) and am on the list for luggage/tannish brown. Supposedly the patents are TTS but the leathers are about .5 size small. I normally wear 38s but need 38.5 in their leather ballet flats. The red patents I'm getting are 38s so I'll update on how those fit. I'm not sure about the satins.
  9. ^^mine are currently at my shoe lady getting the soles fixed. I'll post a picture when they come back home. i've only had the plain leather ones on my feet and I do think they run a smidge small.

    you might try :: MadisonStyle.com :: and see if they have any left (i know that Barneys sold out right away.). whatever you do, don't pay the ridonkulous $200.00 ebay mark up. all it takes is a little patients and a few phone calls and you can land your shoes. they really are worth it!

    oh! and mine were about $500.00 by the time i paid for shipping (but no tax!).
  10. oh I love Lanvins. I just bought the gold bronze lanvins. they are adorable..
  11. I bet bronze gold is pretty! I didn't know they came in that color. I saw a pewter pair (not lanvins) and think that would be a great color also. Here are my red & blacks. I still need to get the sole protectors on. The patents wear tts while the leathers are a bit small, so it's confirmed that I wear 38s in the patents and 38.5 in leathers so keep that in mind when ordering.
    lanvin flats.JPG
  12. Who can I call to get the black leather ones..anyone know? TIA!
  13. I think Barney's seattle is getting some in a week or so. I know there was Tan/luggage and I thought he said black. If not, he could probably call other stores for you. Also, fred segal (madisonstyle.com) in santa monica has the blacks in patents right now but will be getting some black leathers in about a month so you can do a pre-order.
  14. thank you!!! I am excited to get some!
  15. surferchick2- i'm sooooooooo jealous of ur red ones they are sooo cute