F/W Jewelry?

  1. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the men's fall/winter jewelry collection? pics/prices/info?

    I was at the LV boutique a few weeks ago and the SA said there were some new pieces coming in but didn't know when. I looked on all the Vuitton websites (French, Japanese) and none of them had anything. She mentioned there'll be some leather pieces but was kinda vague.

    Thanks in advance! :amuse:
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    You may find this page useful - a member had commented earlier on the new Louis Vuitton rings, they're kind of cute but nothing wins my heart like the little denim pouches.

    Not sure why the tag for the page name is so jumbled, the page is a-okay though ?
  3. wish i could read japanese
  4. thanks for the link!
  5. Speaking of jewelry.. on the french version of the site under jewelry lol... they show the new stuff under pendants, rings, and all that, it reminds me of a flower, like a rose bud...