F/W anthra RGGH or SGH?

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  1. I want to get a F/W Anthra City. At first I was set on RGGH but now I'm half thinking I want SGH. Please help me make up my mind!
  2. Rggh from me. I'm really not a fans of sgh
  3. rggh!
  4. RGGH all the way!
  5. Either HW is a great choice!!! You can't go wrong with either!
  6. But SGH is also pretty, I love both, no help I know.
  7. pixiejenna, is there any way you could try both on & see which looks best? The one that makes your heart skip a beat....:nuts:
  8. RGGH gets my vote!
  9. Anthra RGGH City will be my next HG.
  10. anthra RGGH! the perfect combo :tup:
  11. #11 Sep 23, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2010
    RGGH is definitely winning in the poll. I initially wanted RGGH when I first saw it I thought the color combo was TDF. But I was talking about it with my dad and he pointed out that the SGH would look good too. So I started searching for pics of Anthra and SGH and I really liked the color combo which made me start second guessing the RGGH. I tend to like my hardware to contrast with the color of the bag and I love SGH on darker color bags. If I could only have both*sighs*. I keep looking at my Anthra velo and putting next to both RGGH & SGH I know I'm crazy! Heres the F/W Anthra with both hardwares.
  12. IMO ~ I like Anthra with SGH (cus I have one... :yahoo:), I think grey color goes well with silver.

    Of course, either way Anthra will look good (per Susan Lee & Swissflower, GH is such a beauty to begin with)... it all depends on what type of jewelry you have and if you have already gotten any RGGH...

    In my case, I already had a Black RGGH and I wear tons of silver & white gold jewelry... so I pick SGH for my Anthra Part Time.
  13. SGH! I have no love for RGGH.