F/W 2017

  1. At the Louvre. Stay tuned.
  2. Which day? At what time?
  3. Can't wait!! Really hope there are some cool illustrated pieces this fall
  4. Whoo Hoo :yahoo:
  5. Can't wait!
  6. It probably won't be in the runway show.
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  7. No probably not, but I'm excited to add more LV totin' Poirot figures to my collection all the same
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  8. prefall is out ... some cute rtw pieces
    can't wait for a/w
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  9. cant wait
  10. An exclusive look from the Louis Vuitton ateliers.
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  11. I used to watch their shows on their website live, but I don't see any link or news regarding this time considering is going to be tomorrow. Is it only on IG?
  12. There's a link on the uk site.
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