F/W 2007 New Bags

  1. [​IMG]
    patent satchel

    beale bag with stone detail

    croc clutch with stone detail
  2. I don't really like the style of this new line :sad:
  3. This line is completely different than what Jacobs usually does, I do like the patent satchel.
  4. Bleh, I dont really like it :sad:
  5. I'm not a fan either.
  6. I think i love the patent satchel, but i need to see it in person!
  7. I don't like them. Good for my wallet
  8. I kind of like the second bag, but the green stone detail in the middle seems kind of out of place.

    This is definately alot different that what he usually does... hopefully there are more styles than this!
  9. I like the patent satchel but wish his name wasn't right on the front of it.
  10. Those are quite a departure from his norm! I like the black patent satchel so far. I bet it's even prettier in other colors.
  11. I would like the second bag, minus the weird stone detail. Great...another season of Marc-less purchases...
  12. I really like the patent satchel...I want to see the leather variations for the solf calf classic lines before I totally rule MJ out for fall. Thanks for posting kimair!
  13. sure thing...
    here's more pics from the vogue paris collection mag for f/w...

  14. they don't have names next to them, unfortunately...

  15. the last three pics were of cute things, but not a super huge fan yet....maybe when I seen them in real life