F/W 2007 bags are up at MarcJacobs.com

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  1. That is all. :smile:
  2. Thanks
    I like the Little Edie, bet it costs a bomb :yes:
  3. **can't breathe** I WANT SO MANY OF THEM!
  4. Ahhh!! I have to go look! Thanks for letting us know!!
  5. OMG! I love, love, LOVE the petrol color!! That's it, sign me up for a petrol Elise! I'm sold!! Gorgeous!!
  6. I LOVE the bordeaux Sofi.
  7. Uh-oh. I'm in trouble. I love way too many of them!:sweatdrop:
  8. Why must you tempt me so? My bank account is doomed!
  9. Oh wow! There are some cute styles this season! Here are some photos of the Bordeaux, Petrol, Berry, and Teal.
    BordeauxSofi copy.jpg PetrolSofi.jpg BerryNSTote.jpg TealNSTote.jpg
  10. Bordeaux and Petrol Sofi:
  11. Berry and Teal Quilted N/S Tote:
  12. ^^LOVE those 2 colors!!! :nuts::love: Even though the Teal doesn't look Teal to me.
  13. Yeah! That's what I was thinking too... It looks Emerald. It's very pretty in the quilted leather!! The berry almost looks like Amethyst too.. weird, eh?

    I saw the Petrol IRL during the trunk show, and to be honest, I don't recall it being that TEALish... it was more blue and slightly more subdued. The petrol on the website almost looks too bright and too teal from what I remember.
  14. AMAZING colors this season!

    The Petrol is my absolute favorite. I want SO many of them!
  15. Thanks for the pics!