F/W 2007-08...Predictions ?

  1. So, as everyone knows, this Sunday is the LV F/W 2007-08 Runway show in Paris, France.

    My question is...What are your predictions? :idea:

    I hope that this upcoming collection is totally "wow", moreso than the S/S 07 show, which left some PF-ers 'not feeling' it.

    I think the thing with the S/S show was that it was alot of daring and bold new things ~ namely the "Poor Man's" plastic bag redone as a leather shoulder bag with a huge LV logo stamped on it.

    So, I'm going to guess that LV is going to keep being daring and not really re-do some of the classics...although I could be totally wrong. :shrugs:

    Do you think they'll show off the Miroir Lockit at the show ?!?! :nuts:

    Anyway, your predictions / hopes are as good as mine!

    Ideas ? :idea:
  2. I know they'll do the Amarante vernis but they don't typically show vernis at the runway shows. I do hope the bags are better though..I was disappointed this S/S.
  3. Love the F/W 2007-2008!
  4. im predicting bright cerulean blue vernis. i know its for winter ish. but still. i need it.
  5. ^ I really hope they do something else in the Miroir though (although I'll take the Lockit, thank you very much :yes:)

    Maybe some LG items in Miroir? Cles? Lulow or PTI ? :rolleyes:
  6. Fall/Winter typically shows lots of deep dark colours, furs and exotic leathers