F/W 07 Colors

  1. Aloha. I am new to the forum and am loving all of your postings. I am hoping someone can help me out. I am looking to purchase a new City bag, but need to have a reference for the new colors. Being that I am on Maui, I will have to order (bag unseen.) I was interested in Ocean or Violet. When I contacted Aloha Rag, I was told that they have four different blue colors in right now. The gentleman wasn't exactly sure if one was Ocean. He told me that they didn't have any Violet. He asked if that was a current color. What to do... I need some color advice.

    My sister gave me a Giant Brief for my birthday last month, but I have decided to sell it on eBay (with her permission of course) in order to purchase the City instead. (Love the Brief, but love the City more!!) I also have the le dix motorcycle bag in rouge.
  2. aloha christirenee and welcome to the PF!!

    The reference section of the Bal subforum has great materials, including exactly what you're looking for: a listing of colors by season. Here's the link:


    The reference section also has threads with color samples from each season. Hope this helps!

    good luck with your search for a new City. If Aloha Rag doesn't work out, you might also wish to try diabro.net. They are in Japan (I think) and shipping is pretty quick.

    BTW, what Rouge bag do you have? Bal makes awesome reds!!
  3. Thank you so much for the information/direction. That is exactly the list I was looking for. I really want the violet, but it appears it is a little hard to find. My sister (previous Bbay collector at one time having 12 - now into Hermes... Yikes) is hitting Beverly Hills for me tomorrow. :o)

    I have the f/w 2006 rouge. It is so beautiful. My only problem is that I have a little baby now so need a bag that I can throw a little more into. I REFUSE to carry a diaper bag.. LOL!! :lol:
  4. If you are leaning toward getting an Ocean City, let me tell you, I just got mine and it is the most amazing color blue! Absolutely gorgeous!
  5. Congrats on your new Bbag Glitz & Glamour!

    I am really having a hard time deciding between an Ocean or Violet. I think I would probably use the Ocean more. Since having my son, I've used my LV tote for just about everything. I was getting sick of it when my sister purchased my Giant Brief last month. Now I'm back to my Bbag addiction. Have you seen the violet City? If so, what do you think about it... Also, what type of blue is Ocean. It is really hard for me to judge when I see the pictures. It always looks a little different to me.
  6. ^^ there are a lot of pics posted by other tPFers of their bags, violet and ocean blue. Just go to the main forum and check them out. Violet's gorgeous by the way!
  7. oh and about ocean blue, I saw it in person and it didn't work for me. I thought it looked better in pics than IRL, not sure if it's the lighting of the boutique though.
  8. Aloha Peppy.. now you are confusing me... ha,ha. When I first saw pics of the Ocean, I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. But then I look at some of pics in the postings and I think it looks so cute. I wish so badly that I could just try out the two bags in person. Maybe I'll have to hop a flight over to Oahu for bag therapy and check out Aloha Rag.
  9. I saw the Ocean yesterday and it didn't do much for me - though some of the pictures I've seen here have been gorgeous, so it may have just been that particular bag, or the lighting in the store (very dim) or something. Then again, I tend to like deeper blues, so it may just be a personal preference.

    The violet, however, is definitely gorgeous, bad lighting or not!
  10. Aloha Christirenee, my son is in Maui this week!
    i got my Violet city from Neimans. You could call around to the different stores( listed on their website) A nice SA will search their data base for a color. You could also try Nordstrom At Arden Fair - Sacramento. Their number is on their website too, under stores.
  11. Thanks for the info. I actually purchased my violet city today from Barneys in Dallas.. Yippee!!! I can't wait to get it. Is your son on Maui for vacation?
  12. Coooool! I'm glad you found one! it is an exceptional color and the leather is really distressed- it reminds me of an exotic skin, which is HOT for fall.
    My son just turned 17 and went with a friend to Maui for a vacation. He is a tall gorgeous Howlie! The girls love him as he is so sweet. i have been to Oahu, and Hawaii, but never Maui. My son said he loved it there and I told him if he finds me a job at a spa( I do facials) I will move there! :tup:My mom lived on Hawaii for 3 years and loved it, but sold her house and came back to LA.
    Post Pics when you ge the bag!
  13. I'm glad your son is loving Maui. It is really a beautiful place to live. I have been here for 12 years now. I moved back to the midwest to work on my master's degree a few years ago, but couldn't stand the winters any more. Once you get spoiled with 12 mo. of sunny days, it is hard to go back to the cold. I'm sure you understand being in CA. My days of Wisconsin living are over. :smile:
  14. LOL! Definitely...It's like comparing paradise to purgatory...I went to Osh Kosh and it was odd.