F/W 07 catalog on BV site

  1. just went to BV site and saw the f/w catalogue!! (this has not been posted?)
    all the colours are so intriguing ~:tender:.

    --- btw, how can I get a printed catalogue?
  2. Thank you for the update!

    There is a photo of the new ball in carmine :drool:
  3. There's a photo of the new Sloane, too. All the colours are just gorgeous. And the clothes! I'd like a paper catalogue, too. Should a request be made through Ana, or is there another way if you don't live near a boutique?
  4. OMG

    that was like a religious experience!
  5. I've been checking daily--figures I'd miss it!

    thanks for the heads-up.
  6. thanks for the heads up, loved looking at everything!!
  7. *pursegasm* I want that soft croc Knot clutch in Carmino. To die for.
  8. Uh oh... *runs/hides* S/S 07 alone put me in the po-house....
  9. Shall go checking it out now..... thanks for the info!!
  10. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Just checked it out...and...darnit...I now have to find a rag to clean up the drool puddle all around me...
  12. Uh-oh, I better leave my computer RIGHT THIS SECOND...

    Well, who am I kidding, I`m rushing right over to their site!
  13. Wow, what beauty!

    But is there anything affordable? I hope the Euro equivalents will let more space to dream than the prices shown in USD!
  14. EVERYTHING is getting more and more expensive!
  15. Wow, i'm so glad. Now I have something to to while at work :p