F/W 07: B.bags are in stores

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  1. Hi ladies....Yesterday i've got a call from my Sa ( i live in Italy)...
    B.bags are in:tup::tup::tup:

    Unfortunately i can't go until monday :cursing:so maybe someone will see in real life the new colors before me.:yes:
  2. Holy cow, thanks SO much for posting, how exciting!!!!
    Have fun on Monday : )
  3. Do they have Ivory, Jaune and Grape????
  4. I wonder when they are getting them in the uk?? Good to hear that they are released, I can't wait to see pics with actual close ups!!!
  5. thanks for the info! i'm actually going to be in rome. is your store by any chance near rome? :smile:
  6. Selfridges in London are expecting the pre-collection bags in within 2 weeks.
  7. I live in north Italy :heart:
  8. I'm pretty certain that grape won't be available until late summer, or at least I know my pre-order is expected around that date... thanks to erica, I think the most likely colors that are available now include lead, Black, Sienna/Tabacco, Vert Fonce, Mogano, Ocean, and Mastic, but not in all styles.
  9. BalNY got them in June 7 too!!!:yahoo:
  10. What colors????
  11. I don't know what colors came in, I just know that my steel/grey/plomb part time came in, so at least some new bags came in. I did not ask any info about any others...I was in the car when I got the call and the phone call was very short!!
  12. AAACCKKK! Someone Please go to BALNY and check out the stock where is IncoralBlue our guru? He always has a brilliant answer for these questions.
  13. IS JAUNE IN?!

    i haven't gotten a call!
  14. It should arrive w/ the regular season stuff (Juane) is not in the prefall collection. Bummer.
  15. My memory is so terrible ===== I can't remember what these colors looked like........

    ok- doing a search now....