F/W '07 at NM??

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  1. Does anyone know when NM will be getting the new line - and what they may be getting?
  2. Sorry, I have no idea but I'm interested to know what they will be getting too :graucho:
  3. We have received some of our F/W Balenciagas at NM today.

    Regular hardware City:
    Dark orange, mastic (light tan), plomb (lead)

    Regular hardware first:
    Bleu, red

    Regular hardware brief:

    Silver hardware city:

    Matelasse clutch:

    We also have a few Gold Hardware in anthracite but I cannot remember which styles right now. I will update this.
  4. Chrissie, do you have the dimensions of the matelesse clutch? Or a pic? I am interested.
  5. XoChrissie - great to see you back!! :yes: !! Can you please post the color names & numbers that NM is using for Violet and Jaune if you know them?
  6. Since you live in the Washington DC area. Neimans at Tysons Galleria have received their first shipment of the FW 07 pre-collection.
  7. Thanks Incoralblue. I am actually going up there today. However it doesn't sound like NM ordered any Ocean GH briefs...So I might have to wait til I go to NY.
  8. I know the NM in Miami received some fw!
  9. My NM SA at the Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall told me they have gotten/will be getting the following based on some emails we have gone back and forth about:

    received the brief, city, and part-time bags in the black w/ silver

    also the part-time in ocean w/ silver GH

    also received the part-time in a dark brown called mogano

    Colors still to come are a dark beige (mastic) part-time. The city in black, red, and green. The brief in black, ivory, and red

    This info is based on a specific request I had for info about the silver GH so it doesn't reflect their GGH and reg HW stock. I asked about a few with GGH and it seems like they didn't order much with the GGH bc he said they didn't order any of the GGH bags I inquired about specifically. Also, he said they haven't gotten their book yet so he doesn't know everything else that is coming in.