F/W 06/07 ads!

  1. "The ads feature Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Daria Werbowy in the style of "the power eighties," complete with technicolor eyeshadow and of course lots of LV accessories (oversize ski hoods, pearl necklaces, leopard-print stoles, sunglasses, colorful mink handbags and the like). Representing the male quotient is Pharrell Williams, arms draped across LV's ubiquitous monogrammed trunks.

    This was a quote from Marc Jacobs...

    As a side note, a comment from Marc Jacobs which piqued my interest: "[Louis Vuitton]'s first and foremost a bag and luggage company." So I wonder, why spend all the money doing runway? It's not like the LV runway is quality anyway...

    lvf.JPG lvf2.JPG lvf3.JPG
  2. i dont like them at all

    only the first one apeals to me, i think they should have put pharrel and naomi in the same picture
  3. The shoe on the head looks bad...
  4. where's kate moss?
  5. and whats that asian girls name....ummmmmmm
  6. got it, the asian girl is Du Juan
    here is a picture of her from the elie saab runway [​IMG]
  7. Matt can you post the link to the website where you got these photos from please!!!
  8. I like the first ad, hate hate the bag. I like the Pharrell image, but I don't like that he and Naomi are displayed on the same ad...they should have their own full size images!:rant: The last ad is not very great either (sigh), not impressed so far.
  9. they should have used 2 asian girls in the first pic, namely me.

    jk jk
  10. Why the hell is the shoe on her head? That looks ridiculous in my opinion.
  11. i think the shoe would have looked better if the tip of it was balancing on her head not like the whole chunk of it
  12. Its not the same ad with Pharell and her, I cut and pasted the images to save time! ;)
  13. ooooh...OK. Well then, thats hot and it makes me like both of the images more.:biggrin:
  14. Sophia, the names are at the top... did you read my dear? Kate Moss, Daria and Naomi