F/W 05 Navy City BIN 975

  1. Yikes! Balenciaga's blues are hot. *hiding my credit card behind Mocean's*
  2. MINEEEEE!!!! lolz all mine!!!:yahoo:
    Thanks for the tip girls!!!
  3. whoa congrats, NYCFashionista!!!!!!!! That's a GREAT deal too!!!! :yahoo:
  4. oh i missed it!!!!!!!!!! i wanted a navy!! congrats NYC!
  5. Great deal!!!!!
  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will defintely keep a look out for you guys!!!
  7. yay! congrats! that was a great deal!
  8. Congrats! I love this color!!!
  9. wow!!! Congrats, NYC!!! :yahoo: That is one of the best deals ever!!!! I am sooo jealous!!! :love: Ackkk! Please post piccies when you get it so I can stare at them in envy!:nuts: lol!
  10. wow that was pretty fast huh?
  11. Congrats NYC!