F/W '05 Black City

  1. I've been watching this auction. The minimum price has changed several times since the bag was listed. It started at $699.

    Now the seller has added this to the description

    "Please note the increased price reflects very high buyer interest."
  2. ^ which makes no sense to me, people are interested because they started at a low price point.
    new seller too?
  3. She says she used to sell under her DH's ebay id. I think she figured out she had a hottie on her hands. A bit of a nervous-nellie, but the bag looks great.
  4. She states there is a long wait list for the City in black. That can't be correct? Also implies that Bal bags sold for less than $1000 are not authentic? I have seen plenty of authentic bags on eBay (and posted about here) for less than $1000.

    Listings like this one just annoy me :cursing:
  5. I agree with you, Roo. I hate when sellers act like they know it all (especially when they most definitely DON'T).
  6. Yeah, but check out the selling history of the id she lists...not too many bags being sold...

    Roo - I'm with you. Auctions like this one make me insane:cursing:
  7. I agree... it's very irritating. especially since I've had auctions with 40+ watchers and TONS of emails that end with no bids.

    emails/watchers arent neccesarily buyers... but a good minimum bid is a great way to generate interest and bids.
  8. Maybe someone should email and ask her about this supposed "waiting list" and where it is? :rolleyes: :lol:
  9. This auction is killing me...the minimum bid and the BIN were just raised again...

    Minimum bid now is $1099 with a BIN or $1300.........
  10. I think we're being trolled... :lol:

  11. Precisely!:idea: :idea:
  12. We should tell her she's crazy.
  13. LOL!!!

    I can't believe she raised the minimum bid from 699 to 1099! Wow, that's a big increase. Yeah, I hate to be mean, but this auction really bugs me.:cursing:
  14. Sorry, everyone! This is my fault. I had no idea the seller would turn out to be so looney. If she is trolling, she'll soon find out how WRONG (and stupid) it is to greedy.