F*!#% the Montaigne

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  1. I have had my Louis Vuitton Montaigne replaced, not once, not twice but THREE times! My first bag I had my handles in to get repaired, I got them back and the handles were UNEVEN! One was longer than the other so they replaced it with a completely different bag. Getting my second replacement, I noticed the leather pull tab on the zipper was splitting so I sent it in to get it checked, they deemed it defective so they replaced it with my current, 3rd replacement. The bag was perfect. Except the handles were uneven! I went in to get it repaired and I received a text saying that there was nothing wrong with them and there wasn’t a repair that was needed and that they couldn’t do anything. Nicole (the repair specialist) from The Louis Vuitton store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa , CA clearly told me that the bag is in perfect condition and there’s nothing wrong with the handles measurements. I was originally told that the handles stretching is normal with use because of the tugging and pulling of the handle, but I would not accept that answer bc I have not even worn that bag yet so there is absolutely no reason why the handles should be stretched out. I have pictures of the current bag handles. It is a slight difference but for the money of $2k+ I expect perfection with this bag. Louis Vuitton Quality sucks! The customer service comes up with any excuse to brush you off. IMG_0005.jpg IMG_0004.jpg
  2. Maybe this just isn't the right bag for you. It seems like it's not the level of perfection you want so I would maybe just return or exchange it for a different style. Three times seems a little excessive to me.
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  3. They won’t accept any exchanges or refunds. So I am basically stuck with this bag
  4. Maybe sell the bag and move on?
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  5. This. I totally understand wanting quality for the $$ - and yet I have never measured my bag handles to ensure evenness. On any bag for that matter... if obsessing this much I would just move on. Most material things have slight imperfections. Even manufacturing to strict standards always allows tolerances. Everyone has their own tolerance level. Sell it & be happy :smile:
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  6. Ouch! Half an inch difference on handles is a LOT!
    I'm sorry this happened to you, I understand your frustration. Since they're not offering returns or exchanges (WHY?! Dang it LV!), if the bag doesn't make you happy, try to sell it to recoup some of your money. And yes even though most manufactured things cannot be perfect, spending 2k on a bag I'd expect them to at least try! Or to throw out the twenty bags that have imperfections and only let the perfect 21st bag make it to the store!
  7. I love the Montaigne, I would use it and try to enjoy it...
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  8. Maybe take a piece of string and measure the length instead of the drop. The drop will vary based on the curvature of the handles and doesn’t really matter as it could change with usage.
  9. I have had handles bend over time. With speedies I have seen the really used ones handles become more elongated as their curvature flattens with use and the weight of the contents.
  10. demand a store credit and get something else.
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  11. Maybe try measuring the distance between two parts of the same handle and see if they are stitched too close or too far apart.
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  12. Sell it and move on. Maybe to a different brand.
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  13. The handles may curve at different angles which will cause the discrepancy in how you’re measuring the drop. Measure the length of the handle (I like the string suggestion) and see if they match. If they do, the drop will even out with use.
  14. If you’re not happy with the quality i would definitely stop investing in LV and try a different brand.
  15. Ya I actually didn’t notice the handles at first until I saw both handles out of the bag and I noticed one handle was leaning out more than the other. That’s when I decided to measure it. I don’t know what to do with the bag anymore since I received it as a gift
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