F$#! Neiman Marcus!!!!

  1. So I went to Neiman Marcus today at Merrick Park to buy my very first Balenciaga City. I didn't know what color I wanted, I just knew that I would know when I saw it. So I went in and chose a Black City. I went to the counter and whipped out my Visa Debit Card. :wlae:

    And was told that they don't accept Visa! Or Discover, Mastercard or any form of debit card. The SA told me that Neiman Marcus only accepts cash, AMX or Neiman Marcus cards. I told him, "...but my Visa Debit Card is cash, just in a plastic form." He said, "I'm sorry, but the ATM is right down the hall." I looked at him and said, "Um....I don't think my bank will let me withdraw 1200 from a machine." I then told him that I've purchased from NM.com all the time with Visa, Discover, MC, etc. and he told me that it's different online. I refused to open a NM card because I wanted to pay with my debit card.

    So I left without my first Bbag. Grrrrrrrrr.....:rant: Can you imagine how much business they lose by not accepting anything but AMX and NM credit cards? Ridiculous!
  2. Um, I thought that was common knowledge... you could have also paid by check
  3. Actually, I have always shopped online for purses at Neiman Marcus so I didn't know. :shrugs: When I've purchased clothes there I've always paid with cash. Also...left the checkbook at home. :Push:
  4. yikes, i'm so sorry girl, to go all the way there, pick out your favorite b-bag & then come home empty handed :crybaby:...can i tell you what though, i saw the most delicious black city @ "barney's" in nyc today ;)...it's the only one i saw out & it's hanging on the rack by the balenciaga sales counter...the leather is super soft & smooshy & droops when it hangs, totally TDF :tender:
  5. its okies... you'll get your b-bag soon!!!!! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  6. Awwww, thanks ladies. :heart: I just wanted to vent. I feel much better now! :nuts:
  7. sorry that happend to you.
    i went there once,fell in love with a gucci bag ( my 1st $$ bag purchase) and was also suprised when they didn't take mastercard or visa. i didn't want to open another credit card account so i went home empty handed too. :crybaby:
    i went on-line and ordered it there, but i was upset i couldn't get it that day.
  8. Sorry you had to be a victim of "shoppus interruptus" like that...but it just wasn't meant to be and your REAL bag is out there waiting for you!
    And by the way, there is NO way I would have known that NM doesn't take Visa/MC. In fact, I was going to go to the NM in Vegas next week to see what B-Bags they had to save money on the taxes (it's 14% here in Canada and 8% there), and would have given them my Visa same as you! I can't imagine why they wouldn't take other cards...
  9. It's ok girlie, I would've done the same thing as I didn't know that either! Why is that so? I agree with you, it sounds ridiculous. But now you so know if you chose to go back you can be armed with your ck book. Sorry you came home empty handed :sad:...but you'll get one soon enough!
  10. Oddly, I think NM in Vegas is the only actual store that accepts Visa. . . I heard that on here from someone.
  11. ^^ Yes I bought my first Chanel from NM at vegas and I was able to use my Mastercard.
  12. somebody posted about that in this forum. maybe jill.....???
    anyways, thats the reason why i will never shop at nm anymore.
    i used to just suck it up and pay by check or cash. but then if i want to do a return, and its above $500, you cannot get your refund right away. instead they send you check and it takes forever to get it.
    i had to keep calling and calling....
  13. What kind of freakin' store in this day and age doesn't take Visa!!! Are they nuts. They don't deserve your business!
  14. So sorry to hear about your frustrating shopping experience. It makes no business sense that NM will take Visa, Mastercard online and in Vegas but not in the other stores.
  15. Yep, when I went to NM for my Emerald Twiggy, I met the same deal. They apparently have a deal with Amex and will only accept Visa/ MC if it an overseas card - so if you are a tourist, they will take it, but if it's drawn on a US bank, sorry, you are SOL. I luckily had my checkbook with me and they accepted the check, but I would have been super frustrated if I hadn't had had my check book with me. Especially since the Emerald Twiggy was getting pretty hard to find at that point!!

    I wish you well,