f I were the new LV designer...

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  1. [​IMG]

    Would it be a good thing or a Bad thing? you know, if Marc Jacobs was out of the job and I replaced him? I need your opinions since that's what I'm planning to do two years from now when I graduate from High School...

    Just wondering...sorry for the crappy pic, my scanner is not working...

    and it's a Damier Triage, in a different Font, and Choco Croc trims...


  2. Interesting, have you ever thought about taking your design to be special ordered ?
  3. Well I actually am a Guy...so I can't carry bag...and either way, they wouldn't make it anyways...they are really tightass on SOs...
  4. ooo nice! :biggrin: btw love your avatar!
  5. Wow, I love your design! :nuts: I hope we'll see you as a famous designer in the near future. Just don't forget us little people here! ;)
  6. Wow, you're very talented!! :love: That's a super cute bag! I'm not all that into croc, but I REALLY like the design of this bag, so if I could get it with leather trim I would buy it :biggrin:
  7. Maybe send it to LV and see what they think? :biggrin:
  8. I think you are very talented and it is a beautiful style!
  9. That's a great style!
  10. GREAT bag! Wow! I think you are very talented and should submit your design for consideration. I would order one!
  11. Oh! Can u design something NEW for speedy?
  12. you are great.
    I dont now if that would be a great thing if MARC JACOBS left but you could team up for a season and make limit edition bags like the cherry blossom and ect.
  13. Thanks Girls!
  14. I really like your design!! LV doesn't do enough with the damier IMO.
  15. that's very nice. i don't care for damier but i like that bag a lot. wouldn't purchase it b/c it's out of my budget. :smile: