F for Fug

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  1. Ha ha... i saw that one on bluefly earlier today too and I was thinking the same thing too!!!
  2. Ahhhh ha ha ha.. totally agreed!!
  3. In regards to this bag....well, I simply would like to know where the second half of it is located/hidden:suspiciou
  4. WTF is that? :sick:
  5. Wow.. both bags are disasterous.

    But there's always going to be hits and misses (or missing the boat by a loooong shot).. hopefully there'll just be more hits !
  6. chanel should have known better on that last bag...my god it's horrible!
  7. just illlllll
  8. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. It makes me think of a bicuspid hanging on dental floss.
  10. It's looks like something you would buy at a Relax the Back store - like some sort of vibrating cushion.