F&F sale dates for Bloomies, Saks, NM, Nordstroms?

  1. I wonder how that would work online. My local Bloomies doesn't have the purse I want but online does. Do you know by chance if Rebecca Minkoff is typically excluded?
  2. I am pretty sure RM is included. Someone will post a code as soon as the sale starts I am sure. It's usually SALE25 or something. I'm sure you can use it with any card. I have not heard any different.

  3. that's great!! thank you!!
  4. Curious as to how many times F&F happens for Lord and Taylor? I've so far only seen it in April and June... any other months? Thanks!
  5. Any updates on NM?
  6. Anybody have code for Bloomies?
  7. Nordstroms took further mark downs on designers shoes - went from 40 to 60%!
  8. Hope it's not too late.... I never used it. XP0FC4GU0GUK
  9. next Saks F&F??
  10. ^^October, I believe.
  11. Anyone know the Saks F&F dates yet?
  12. Anyone know of any upcoming F&F? My daughter wants a Michael Kors bag.
  13. Last fall, Saks began October 18th and Bloomies, November 9th. Should be similar this year.
  14. Thank you.
  15. I heard bloomies F&F starts at the end of this month, like the 27 or something.