F&F sale dates for Bloomies, Saks, NM, Nordstroms?

  1. Anyone knwo when the next F&F sale dates are for:
    Trying to plan my purchases accordingly....:smile:
  2. Saks usually has its F&F in April
  3. Bloomies is supposed to have one at the end of this month.
  4. Nordstrom and NM never have them but Nordstrom with price match the other F&F events.
  5. I am soo waiting for the Bloomie's F&F sale so that I can purchase the bag that I've been eyeing. Nordstrom is great with price matching!!
  6. Good to know. Thanks girls.
  7. There the GREATEST! :smile:
  8. Not sure if this is good during these sales, but code: MAR2010 will get you a gift card up to $450 :smile: http://bit.ly/9cAmw7 the more you spend the bigger the gift card - at Saks
  9. thanks so much!!!!
  10. Nordstrom's has become quite restrictive with price matching. As per several sales associates, the competitor must have the exact item in stock (same color, size, etc.) and they have called the competitor in front of me to confirm the item I was buying was in fact, in stock. Maybe you guys have been lucky with the sales associates you purchase from...or my store just sucks!
  11. Is Chanel every included in these sales? Thanks!
  12. ^ No. Chanel leases space in department stores, so they are not actually part of the department store... sort of a store within a store.
  13. when is bloomies f&f? and how much off?
  14. I have the BEST Nordie's SA ever!!
  15. is it included Chanel handbags?