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  1. it says it expires on Sept 14
  2. Whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!:tdown: How could that be?? I just received the email minutes before I posted it! Plus...how the heck did you see that expiration date...Good Lord, it's so small it looks as if they tried to hide it! Wonder why it was emailed today with a 10 day old expiration date???:cursing:
  3. I did receive the email from elf in 5 mins ago too.

    Why it shows expire on Sept 14...:confused1:
  4. Just sent an email so that perhaps they might explain such a stupid foul-up!!! I mean...really....mailing out a sales notice 10 days after it expires!!!
  5. it still works. I used it today. I just got the email this morning...
  6. How is this brand in general? Anyone know?
  7. the quality is pretty good- esp for the price. i love the moisture care lip colors. mositurizing and a hint of vanilla mint. the eyeshadows sre smooth and the color adheres relatively well. i also tired the lip glosses, mascaras, brow gels, you name it! i replaced a bunch of my makeup since it was so cheap at the time... hope that helps!
  8. I received this email from elf.com today....

  9. It's alright..I mean you get what you pay for. I like the brushes though. It's not a bad deal.