Eyeshadow That Complements Blue Eyes?

  1. I've always had trouble finding the right shades and brands to enhance my eyecolor, which is a light blue with green in the center.

    I've always been told that smokey hues and golds make blue eyes POP, but I find that the smokey shades tend to look too dark when I wear them. How can I make my blue eyes stand out without applying makeup that looks gothy?

    Also, if you have any suggestions, can someone recommend specific brands and items to try? Because for me it's hard to just go on what color to look for alone.

    THANKS so much in advance! I wonder if anyone else has ever had this problem.
  2. Smoky is more the way colours are blended and line the eyes, rather than being really dark. Have you tried doing the smoky eye look with pinks and maybe a slate grey, as opposed to black?
  3. Brown and blue compliment each other. I know that I've read that blue compliments brown (I have brown eyes), and it really does help my eyes pop. So I would imagine the opposite is true? Brown shadow/liner complimenting blue eyes.
  4. Purple shades will really bring out the green in your eyes. My eyes are a blue-ish green color and I brush a wee bit of Urban Decay's Asphyxia under my lower lashes to make the green come out more.
  5. Agreed with browns and purples! contrasting colors work beautifully together
  6. I've heard that too about purple bringing out green, but I like the blue part of my eyes better. ;] :graucho: I'm sure it looks great on your eyes, though! :smile: Urban Decay's a must. :heart:
  7. I have blue eyes and love the way they look when I wear pinks and purples.
  8. I have dark blue eyes and I only wear brown eyeshadows in order to complement my eye color -- brown REALLY makes blue eyes POP. I usually wear Stila shadows, but want to try some Chanel browns soon.
  9. I like purple and brown. (a bit of sparkle or shimmer is nice)
    Most of the eyeshadows I use are mineral shadows so they have a shimmer to them.
  10. My eyes are dark blue with a ring of gold around my pupil and they always look great with browns, pinks and purples. I'm very fair so I don't go too dark, actually I go with usually the lightest I can and it really compliments my skin tone and eye color nicely!!
  11. I agree. I usually always went with browns, but I have found that pinks and purples work well for me too. (I have light blue eyes and am also very fair). Gray also works with the pink and purple eyeshadow - try Stila's convertible color pencils (eyeshadow and liner in one). The gray is softer than black or dark brown on me. Brown mascaras are not as harsh either, if you are fair.

    I recently experimented with some new colors at the Chanel counter. The lady at the counter wanted to try some colors on me that I would have never tried myself....but you know what? She was right. I ended up loving it. I bought one of the eyeshadow quads called "Demure".

    As for purples, I bought Revlon's "Lavender Meadow" quad (3 purples, one green). I can use the green, but I have to use it sparingly.

    For browns, I am loving NYX's shadow trio TS15 (aloha/mink brown/deep bronze). These shadows last all day and are really inexpensive (I bought them online). Not nuts about their liners and lip colors, but the eyeshadows rule!

    I would say buy a few of the more affordable over the counter shadow trios/quads, but also go to a higher quality cosmetics counter and let them work their magic on you. I think that when someone tries unusual colors and products on me, that it helps bring me out of my comfort zone!
  12. I second (or third!) the browns and purples, but sorry I don't have specific colors to recommend. When I wear eyeshadow for the evening, I put medium purple on the the lid and then light browns from the crease to the brow and blend well. During the daytime, I'd use just brown going darker to lighter from the eyelashes to the brow, respectively. Just play around and have fun. I think the key to eyeshadow is BLEND BLEND BLEND!
  13. here is the quote from my college makeup notes "blue eyes: brown and rose. warm shades contrast the coolness of blue eyes, making them stand out."
  14. Try the Spices quad from Chanel. It looks beautiful with blue eyes.
  15. A shade such as eggplant would look fabulous on you! I really like Lancome and Stila eyeshadows. MAC is pretty good too.