Eyeshadow suggestion for brown eyed girl

  1. Any thoughts?

    I have small brown eyes, with black hair (altho I've got all over red highlights right now) and having a helluva time figuring out what color eyeshadows to wear. I've been using mostly brown and pink shades but they seem to make my eyes dull. I tried on this shimmery blue shade with some browns by Smashbox but my husband says it's too shimmery. I think they're cute but I also feel like a cheap hooker :P.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. try a semi-shimmery orange shade! it brings out some subtle color without too much punch.

    i usually layer it over a base, like a brown shadow.

    avoid pink/mauve shades, because they make brown eyes look tired.

    i love shimmery sky-blue shadow too, but make sure you just line it on your lids right above your lashes, not all over your whole lid, to avoid the "cheap" effect.
  3. peachy, champagne or blush-y shimmer or matte. try delux eye shadow, very finely made shadows and colors.
  4. You need to get some lilacs and purples in there. They look amazing on brown eyes.
  5. A dark olive smoky green!!
  6. plum!! Anything in plum looks fantastic on hazel or brown eyes! Deep purples, plum, eggplant. . . you know!
  7. I have brown eyes and black hair (with brownish highlights) and the following works for me:
    MAC Llama eyeshadow as allover lid up to browbone
    MAC Club eyeshadow on lash lineup to crease (fade it softly for day, more dramatic at night)
    Goes great with MAC Redwood or Viva Glam I lipsticks, especially since you mentioned you had red highlights!
  8. Bourjois has a new eyeshdow trio in 'Prune' or something like that and I really like it. I've always done the brown or grey thing but the prune w/the gold bourjois shimmer on the brow and blk liner on the upper lid near the lashes makes your eyes look sultry.
  9. Nyx for your eyes only eyeshadow palette mysterious brown eyes