Eyeshadow Sticks

  1. I want to try using an iridescent shadow that comes in those chunky sticks rather than the powder. Does anyone have any they would recommend? Thanks!
  2. mac shadesticks! i love them..
  3. i totally agree.. they :jammin: i have it in two colors the sharkskin or shark(somethin) which is black.. and the bright turquise.. i think its called sea something..
    sorry i am so bad with creative color names! :lol:
    but i truely recommend the MAC sticks. :flowers:
  4. I also like the MAC shadesticks :smile:
  5. I had a MAC Shadestick but it was really hard to work with. Finally I revisited the makeup girl that sold it to me and she showed me how to rubbed it on your hand to warm it and then use a brush etc etc. Personally I didn't love the shadesticks. I recommend Stila shadowpots if your are looking for a creamy iridescent shadow that you can apply without a brush.