Eyeshadow Pan

  1. I am looking to buy an eyeshadow pan with eyeshadow colors that I select myself. I'm tired of carrying many individual ones and want a pan that will carry approx 4 eyeshadow colors so I can take it with me when I travel. Who makes custom eyeshadow pans and which do you recommend? Who makes the best eyeshadows anyway? Is it MAC? stila? Lancome? Thank you! :shrugs:
  2. I like the Christian Dior, YSL or Chanel eye shadow palettes. You can get toning shades & highlighter in the on palette.
  3. MAC, you can create your own quad palette, and chose your fav. eyeshadows! I personally love mac because they have a huge range of colours to choose from
  4. I really like Stila. Each individual color pops in and out of the palette pretty easily, too. Department stores seem to have a much better assortment of colors than Sephora, although you could take your chances on what the colors look like IRL and order from the big selection on Stila's Web site.
  5. double post.........sorry
  6. I agree with another post that I love the M.A.C. professional pallett. It does come in a quad, like she said, which you can use for yuour daily shadows but the pro pallett holds 15 shades. They are held in magnetically so you can switch them out. The shadows themselves retail for about $13.50 and are wonderful. They have a LARGE selection of colors and classes. If you go to the thread about, "Show me your makeup" and look at the pics I've posed, you can see my M.A.C. palletts on the right hand side. The large ones are the pro palletts and there is one on the far right (With purple shadows) that's the quadra pallett.
  7. I second that!:yes:
  8. wow thanks! i will go to the MAC makeup counter and see if i can find the right colors to fill a palette!
  9. I highly recommend Stila for the quality of their eye shadows. Although they may cost more than MAC, you get more for what you pay (dividing up the cost by oz). But if you like more selection in colors I'd recommend MAC or Shu Uemura.
  10. Depending on your facial complextion, I would get what works best for you. I've found that because I am an African American female, I need a little more pigment. MAC does have a great ability to give you that pop to your eye and they really do customize a pallet to what you want for 40 bucks. That's an investment, but it could be worth.

    I've personally moved pass MAC to Bobbi Brown, but I still like certain products from them.
  11. right now i like MAC the best... the quad pan is good.