eyeshadow help

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  1. I need some expert help. I am fair/med skin tone with blonde hair. I love the look of light shadow with a wing liner. I'm trying to find the perfect shadow, one with a bit of colour. I'm currently using brule from MAC and I think it might be a little to neutral. Any suggestions and which one do you use to get the look. Thanks in advance
  2. NARS AAE Duo.
  3. I like using Brule on the lid with Wedge and a bit of Espresso (all MAC) in the crease. If brule is too neutral, you could try something like Arena (a peach with a satin finish). It would go very well with your blue eyes!
  4. I have blue eyes and love expensive pink from mac. It isn't too vivid but it really perks up blue eyes and has a bit of shine.
  5. I agree. Expensive pink would look great with your coloring.
  6. MAC All that glitters or UD Sin
  7. thanks for your answers. I'm going to try MAC expensive pink.!!