Eyeshadow for blondes??

  1. I was wondering what eyeshadow colors would be best for a blonde with fair skin and green eyes??? I usually wear light brown but I'm not sure it's the right color for me. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Chanel makes a shadow called "Chahut". It is a really dark brown that looks gorgeous in the crease!
  3. I am also blonde with green eyes and I use Quarry (It is a brownish pinkish) and Carbon ( I don't use a ton of this because it is black) colors by MAC. It makes for an incredible smokey eye!
  4. Also purple looks really good with green eyes but I just can't see wearing it everyday!?!
  5. A reddish brown would be a good choice, as red is on the oposite side of the spectrum and so will bring out the green in your eyes. :yes:

    Alternatively, if your eyes are on the bluer (rather than yellower) side of green; a little teal blue (dark greenish blue) will give you a beautiful, oceanic look. :heart:
  6. Oh yeah I am not blonde anymore. I guess I need new eyeshadows! LOL
  7. The dark hair looks great on you too, Syntagma!!
  8. A raisin or eggplant color looks BRILLIANT w/ green or hazel eyes!:yes:

    I found out by accident one time.
    I have greenish hazel eyes and wanted the smokey look but didn't want black/grey, so I chose an eyeliner I thought would be dark but not too dark, so I chose a raisin color.
    I put it on and I swear it made my eyes "POP"!
    I was pleasantly surprised by my new finding! LOL!
  9. Syntagma!!! Where's that platinum do?

    You look great as a brunette as well. . . didn't recognize you though! LOL!
  10. Thanks for the tips everyone! I'll have to pick up some new makeup this weekend.

    I like your new hair color Syntagma!
  11. Have you tried a khaki green? Like your favorite light brown, but with a hint of green? Like Alexis Style in envy? Go to eyeshadows and then look for Envy: Alexis Vogel Cosmetics
  12. I have green/hazel eyes and I found that purple colors really make my eyes stands out.

    Swanky...what brand of eyeliner did you purchase that was the raisin color? I would like to try it out.

    BTW, I used to have a lot of blonde highlights and then my hair stylist dyed my hair a really dark brown and I asked her, "Should I change my make-up colors?" and she told me "NO!! Wear whatever makes you happy and whatever you think looks good." :biggrin:
  13. It was a Revlon liner, the kind you twist up, not sharpen. I still use it, it's a great color, pretty neutral, not at all purpley.
  14. WOW- Thanks Everyone for the complements on the new color! I love it!

    I also think that eggplant/raisin shades are great on green eyes!
  15. Yay! Swanky...thank you!! I will pick it up the next time I go to Target. Do you use any eye shadow along with it?

    TIA! :flowers: