eyeshadow colors!HELP

  1. hey ladies!! i have been searching for a blood red neon pink & a bright purple eyeshadow for so long & have not been able to find anything!!
    can someone tell me where to look or if you know some one who has these colors!!
    i have looked @ mac & hard candy & i didnt really see what i was looking for
  2. If you can get to an MAC pro store they have some really bright colors that they do not carry in the normal stores

    I found these on Sephora - they look really bright in person
  3. Have you tried Two Faced? I have some blue and green eyeshadows from them that are highly highly pigmented, so I would bet that the rest of their eyeshadows are too. I think they carry it in Sephora.
  4. aromaleigh.com the ROCKS collection has some outrageous colors! They are mineral, too (well, the base is) and they are awesome.. Plus, they have great names... one of my fav dark, sparkly purples is pleasuredome!
  5. all i can say is wow!!:yahoo:
    those are the colors i was looking for!!!
    they are all so pretty how can i choose?!?
    thanks alot for the info
  6. Stop looking for eyeshadow, and look for the colors you want in the Blush aisle.

    That's always worked for me!
  7. Biotherm has a brigth pink e/s, MAC e/s in Passionate might be even brighter

    MAC Pigment in Violet is a glowing bright purple, but you should wear a more opaque base lique MAC e/s in Parfait amour or Purple Haze

    but there's no blood red eyeshadow. it's something with the pigments so it's always orangy red or pink...

    @ Shimmapuff's suggestion: Ask at the makeup counter if the certain blush shade works for the eye area. I know with MAC that some do, but others don't and you don't wanna irritate your eyes...
  8. Thank you sw0pp, for adding that very important consideration!

    Not all skins are created equal in terms of sensitivity, and while mine pays no attention whatsoever to niceties like whether the powder, pencil or goo was designed for eye area use or not, your skin may be more finicky.

    Probably the safest thing to do, or the closest to safe, is to dab just a bit onto the crease, and wait a day or so, in a heightened state of alert for any signs of irritation.

    And frankly, it is always some degree of gamble, and this is what we should all do whenever we apply any new product to any part of our skin, just because there are so many millions of factors, in the product, and in our own unique and individual chemistry.

    Just the other day, someone here posted a story of a lady who had a terrible reaction to something in the surface of a flip-flop!

    And at the other end of the spectrum, I know a professional Drag Queen who has put on his eyelashes with Elmer's glue for over twenty years, without batting a .... (We need a groan icon)

    Anyway, you get the idea. Patch test every new product. Always!
  9. Glad to help, Toki! I love the Sonic! ROCKS stuff!!! Really good customer service, too. Just note-- with the ROCKS stuff, you definitely need to use a good eyeshadow primer.

    Best thing about AL is that you can order samples, and you also get free samples when you order full products, too :smile:

    eta: Those Fryanne colors are AWESOME, too!!! I just went and checked them out!
  10. so any suggestions on a good primer??

  11. Urban Decay Primer Potion​
  12. Aurelia is pretty spot on that one---

    Aromaleigh sells one, too-- I've not tried it, but my gf says its really good.

    When you do fun new shadow stuff, you must post pics!