Eyes, nose, lifting review in Korea

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  1. I'm sorry my English is poor but I want to share my story because I get so many good things from Jayjun and I want to thank them this way.
    If you talk about surgery. I'm someone who want to have a surgery such as eyes.

    I want to say it made me very concerned and had a lot of questions in my opinion is concerned about if it going to be worse and a surgery will be good and safe because I was going to Korea that make me concerned.

    It was wonderful a lot of questions that I concerned. If was disappear since i met doctor. They have every answer to me they paid attention in every detail after that make me didn't want to wait anymore and it was different experience that I know it before. When i have surgery in 3 hours I have very good take care with surgery consultant before i have surgery. That's amazing.

    10 days after the operation, nurses and doctors liked after me very well. "Thank you very much" I can feel that I look so much younger. Some people think I am 20. My face has changed everyday after surgery. It has been 7 months now. What people see me and give me a compliment is a very positive outcome. I become more confident and fulfilled. More than beauty is responsibility. It is not only beauty that Jayjun gave me but also a smile, understanding, caring and a good taking care of patient. Thank you Jayjun that gave me such a very beautiful heart. Thank you.
  2. Is it just me that I feel like this is the staff from Jayjun to write this fake review to promote the clinic?
  3. You can check profile of that user. She (I guess) didn't write about this clinic in previous posts. Usually clinics brag about themselves in every post they write.
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