Eyes Lips Face - 50% Off Sale

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  1. thanks! This is an awesome site!
  2. Thanks
  3. Wow they really updated and revamped their whole website.
  4. To be honest, I have purchased makeup from them before and it is HORRIBLE. I hate it. Their concealers and foundations last all of maybe an hour. They are watery, and even their eyeshadows wear off. Their quality is as cheap as their product. I'd rather buy wetnwild from the grocery store before I spend another penny on elf again.:tdown:
  5. Thanks a shame, their website is really looks nice...
  6. hmm... i clicked the link and used the code (buy 1 get 1 half off) and was amazed at the prices. Bought an a$$load of cosmetics for only $35!!!! Shipped!

    I got:
    2 empty compacts
    lipsticks for the compact x 4
    eyeshadows for the compact x 4
    prof. set of 12 brushes
    eye brush
    lip brush
    eye widener
    sheilding hydro tint creme
    pressed powder
    hydrating lip balm
    plumping lip glaze x 3
    mascara duo
    all over cover stick
    eyeshadow kit - natural eyes

    So even if half of them suck it'll still be worth it .. .ty to OP !!
  7. Thanks for the post!
  8. Even their brushes SUCK. They shed. Each time you use one, the bristles come off of it making you want to just TRASH them. Powder doesn't last. Hydro tint and mascara is ok. Their products are so horrible to me. I can't imagine the "invisible" damage it does to the skin.
  9. I purchased from them also. I can only say good things about their blush, but I must agree w/ desiprinzess718 - a lot of their stuff is no good.
  10. :crybaby: