1. Does anyone else have any trouble putting eyeliner on the top eye lid, and making it straight? I have tried and tried, but it never looks good! Any tips?
  2. i do small dashes of my eyeliner (im only assuming your not talking liquid since i boycotted it years ago) then i use an eye liner brush, which has really flat and hard bristles, and drag it lightly over the liner, it blends it into a nice soft line.
  3. I pull the skin to the side to make it tight, then I apply the eyeliner.
  4. Thanks I'll have to try both of those!
  5. Liquid eyeliner is such a headache, a pen is easier I can stretch the lid and do it in small strokes. Since I switched to mineral makeup applying the powder black mineral eyeliner was very easy because it smudges into a nice soft line which looks really great, I can do it on the inner lid or over the lashes, it's amazing stuff.
  6. Pull your eyelid taut before applying. Also, try a high-quality, soft kohl pencil. (The harder the pencil, the more difficult to apply liner.) I highly recommend Nars eye pencils.
  7. i use bobbi brown gel eyeliner, and it does a great job, just do a small dash bit by bit over the top eye lid. and for liquid one, the one from shiseido pn is easiest to apply, thousand times easier than the mac one!
  8. It all depends on what type it is. I've pretty much stopped using pencils. But Bobbi Brown gel liners are awesome and just glide on. Generally I do a bigger line with it so you can't really foul up with that.

    With liquid or cream liners, I've learned this from a makeup artist:

    Hold a compact with one hand and the brush upward in the other hand.

    Tilt your head slightly and look down in the compact.

    Then take the brush and start in the outer corner.

    Just push up and wiggle right above the eyelashes.

    It will give you a really good line which is small and will make your lashes look even more fuller because you're closer to the actual lashes. I know some who is able to put her liner over and under lashes. That's a bit too close to the eye for me.
  9. Use a very soft pencil, and make your line, or your dots, as close to your lashes as you can get. Work it down into the lash line.

    Then use a pointy Qtip to either connect dots or soften the line.
  10. I used to use pencils but finally got a liner brush and love it! it goes on so clean and neat and no smudges. On what not to wear. Just dip it in the eyeshadow and brush it on.
  11. I love What Not To Wear!
    Anyway..yes either invest in a nice slant firm bristle brush to dampen and apply eyeshadow(as liner) or powder liner, or if you are using pencil..dot it on then use a smudging tool or q tip to soften the line.
  12. I also watch What Not To Wear, Ten Years Younger, and Americas Next Top Model with super model Tyra Banks hosting it. Along with that I read lots of beauty magazines to get ideas on what to do with the girlfriend's appearance. Yes I do keep on top of these things.
  13. i swear by lancome's artliner - like a felt tip pen... been using it for years. easy to use....