1. so i recently started using eyeliner to make my eye appear bigger.

    i brought the chanel aqua one and had the salesperson show me, and he told me to try and line the part that is under my eyelash, getting as close to that as possible for a more natural look.

    which is fine, but when i take the makeup off it's really hard

    and hurts my eyes :crybaby:

    is it the eyeliner..the make up remover (loreal)? or am i not suppose to draw that close to my eye?

    sorry if i sound naive! or if this has been asked. any help would be appreciated.
  2. You are probably just not use to it yet. Closer is better...you might try another remover.
  3. i tried lining the rim of my lower lids - and boy it wasn't easy. lol. when it's time to take it off, a wet qtips with make up remover does the trick for me. and it doesn't hurt. i use sephora's eye make up remover.
  4. que tips!!! Cotton ball for eyelashes. I do the same but with LM, it was really hard to get use to, but I started getting the hang of it.
  5. I use the Chanel liquid eyeliner and she told me only to line the top of the eyelid. I'm such a mess when it comes to the eyes. I use the Lancome bifacial and it gets it all off with cotton balls. Also use Lancome Clarte and that is good too.